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Friday, May 22, 2020

Top 10 Business Listing Websites in Kenya

If you have just established a new business in kenya, the easiest way to get it to go global is by listing it on a kenya business directory or east Africa business directory. As far as technology can take us, businesses directories or business listing websites are online portals that act as middlemen, connecting clients to companies. They do this by keeping a registered list of new and old business profiles.
Consider listing your business on these top-rated Kenyan business directories. They will give your company a big boost in its online image. In no particular order here is our list for the top 10 business directories in Kenya.


Founded right in Kenya, Kenyanz.com is a directory with search, rate and connect capabilities. The site is structured  to be a mobile responsive store of local and professional businesses. Their medium connects buyers to service providers. Most importantly, the directory also doubles as a property and job-finding site.

Google My Business

Actually, this directory is a brainchild of the popular tech giant Google. The directory went live since 2014. Once again, internet giant has decided to make this service free and accessible to every part of the globe, including Kenya. Users can create and update their business profiles on the site. This would make your business pop up immediately in Google searches.

Yellow Pages Kenya

It is the Kenyan version of the popular YellowPages.com. On Yellow Pages Kenya website,you can  search businesses by their locations or categories. Yellow Pages Kenya has a good number of Kenyan-based and foreign businesses. Go online and hook up with them, their feedback is excellent and timely. They may hold the next big surprise for your business.


This is where you could access the information of major Kenyan firms and big businesses. The uniqueness of Kenyaplex.com is evident in their accomodation of hairdressers, health service providers, real estate brokers and so on. If your business is struggling to hit the limelight, then consider listing it on Kenyaplex to see how it grows.


It’s ran by one of the biggest social networks in Africa, called Mivasocial.Africaonebiz has already realized its dream of conncting Kenyan and foreign businesses to their clients. It captures the essential details of small and medium scale businesses. Their vast range of categories  will certainly match your business identity.


Expat always existed since the beginning of time (in 2005). Where has your business been hiding all this while? Work with Expat and get discovered within the next minute. With over 2.6 million members,Expat.com has a strong team who guide expatriates to find jobs, housing,  airline tickets, health insurance etc. They cover 197 countries, including Kenya.

Kenya Business Directory

As their name directly implies, Kenyan Business Directory love to promote Kenyan businesses. A visit to their home page greets you with countless lists of companies from archeology to zoology. Their popular categories feature entertainment, hardware, machines and tools, Non-governmental organizations etc.

East Africa Business Directory

The name says it all. Eastafricanbusinessdirectory.com cuts across East African countries, namely Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanada and Burundi. Assuming your business is located within these circles, then getting it registered on this geographically-favorable directory can give your business an exposure.


It’s a Kenyan-based classified ad provider, linking trusted buyers and sellers. Added to their classifieds, PigiaMe  hosts a business directory containing all Kenyan ventures. If you are wondering what their name stands for, then get to ready to learn Swahili. PigiaMe translates to “give me a call”.


Africabusinessfile is a business directory in Africa for Africa companies as well as companies in diaspora. Africabusinessfile is primarily a Ghana business directory while making room all africa company listing. Africabusinessfile is strategically connected to job websites in various job websites in Africa where companies can readily advertise their jobs in Africa.


Kenya, in Eastern Africa, is one of the hubs of local business directories in the continent. You have no excuse to keep your business indoors. Each and every minute comes with huge piles of information being fed into the web. In this regard, the success of your newly founded business may depend on your patronage of the above directories.

Top 10 Business Directories in South Africa

Business directories exist as websites or a printed list, providing business information, by categorizing them in accordance with their niches. In the olden days, business directories were available in hard copy formats, similar to phonebooks. But due to advancements achieved in the digital age, directories have now gone online.
South Africa, which is one of the biggest economies in Africa means many businesses heavily rely on the internet to generate business leads, thus calls for establishing a strong online presence. This is normally achieved by listing companies on South Africa company listing websites as an SEO strategy which consequently improves their online presence. South Africa boasts of tons of such websites that provide vital information about business profiles across the continent. Before we take you through these awesome online business promotion resources, let’s try to appreciate the fact that setting up a business entails a lot as far as building an online brand is concerned!
If you have been scrambling for information about how to market your business, drive huge online traffic, and establish a solid online brand, then you may want to patronize our recommended south Africa business directories listed below.

Top 10 South African Business Directories

In no particular order, check out our company listing websites in the South Africa Republic, aka SA, some of which are even 100% free.


AfricabusinessFile is a one stop shop for company listing not only as a South Africa business directory but welcomes companies from the diaspora. It aims at promoting world business by connecting business in the African continent and international businesses. It is definitely among the lists of promising African Business directories.  This directory is literally the best place to do free listings. The Africa Business File directory interestingly has hundreds of categories, all created to accommodate and promote the growing number of online businesses in Africa and the world at large.
Looking to link up with a company? You can search for business listings by their names or location. The site feeds you with every little detail about businesses. Examples: email, phone, website, address, social media profiles, etc
One big plus about this directory has to do with its minimalist user interface. It’s attractive and responsive to both PC and mobile devices. Africabusinessfile also presents company owners to their affiliate trusted Job websites in Africa various locations to readily advertise their job vacancies in South Africa.

Hot Frog

Hot Frog business directory currently covers up to 38 nations globally, including SA. Their website attracts millions of page views each month. They give their customers the option to personalize all keywords that define their businesses. In addition to that, they generate monthly reports on the performance of customers’ listings.
It’s a free web-based magazine that releases review articles about South African businesses. By listing your company or business on Entrepo, you are one step away from popularity. Entrepo always have their eyes on the lookout for recent news on retail, science and tech, and online shopping matters. By subscribing to their service, you won’t be left behind in South African issues and beyond.


Comparatively, Activeweb isn’t too old in the system, but their achievements speak for themselves. You could use them as a tool to make your site SEO-friendly. The good news is, their services are very affordable. True to their words, their website is active and responsive. Their home page welcomes you with a beautiful Google map of South Africa, so you can’t get lost in your searches.


Their business directory features over 800k listed companies. Yellosa always welcomes customers to its site with a user-friendly online environment. You could read through their customer reviews and ascertain facts for yourself. Take a trip to Yellosa to give a facelift to your social media channels. Boost the online presence of your company by joining this team of business-minded people.
Join Cyclex directory on a free basic plan for advertisement and Browse through company profiles and also retrieve contacts. Moreover, you can review the goods and services offered by companies. Cyclex believes in bridging the wide gap between customers and businesses. They keep track of popular search queries on their site.
Yellow Pages South Africa
As usual, Yellow pages exist in South Africa as, Yellow Pages South Africa which allows users to perform local business searches. At the same time, you can advertise/ market your business. They have a long history of commitment to helping smaller businesses to grow to their peaks in the web space. Yellow pages deal with their clients in a professional manner.


Kompass lets you find more than 11 million contact details of registered global businesses. Since their early inception in 1947, Kompass has been a major gateway that takes businesses from humble beginnings to soaring heights. So far, they have amassed over 75 million different visitors to the site.


EasyInfo is among household names of modern SA online directories. They have even grown to offer printing, mobile chat and intranet services. The company’s key aim is rooted in making information more accessible to end users. The company is headquartered at the SA’s national capital, Johannesburg. 


A to Zis a South African-based business directory.  They give news updates, latest images, videos and trending SA businesses. Listing is totally free on their site, but every conscious is made to moderate businesses, in the hope of upholding the high standards that are typical of South Africa.


It’s not easy to bring forth a feasible business idea. Most founders and CEOs agree that, it takes a great deal of planning and commitment before one can execute a business idea. Even after launching a startup, the challenges don’t end there. You would have to work your ass out to be able to sell your product or service.
Beating competitors and gaining recognition is a tricky game that can only be won by experts. If you establish a business without promoting it, then no one will hear about it. This where the above directories may come in handy to showcase your business.

Top 10 Ghana Business Listing Websites

In this information age, business directories have become the order of the day. However, the overlooked side of the tale is that Ghanaian small and medium enterprises(SMEs) keep increasing rapidly, but most founders and CEOs have no idea about how to take advantage of business directories in Ghana to showcase their brands.
To help boost your Ghana business online presence and skyrocket your leads generation, below is a list of top 10 Ghana business listing websites that generally provide a free listing in ghana and/or premium business listing.

Popular Business Directories in Ghana


Africbusinessfile uses a minimalist theme and provides free as well as premium business listing in ghana platform. The website offers free business listings to local and foreign businesses as a whole, with the sole aim of giving the businesses the necessary online exposure. They have been a game-changing directory that has hosted several business listings on their site. Whereas the focus is on business in Africa, it welcomes companies in the diaspora aimed at promoting intercontinental business. Africabusinessfile directly gives business in ghana and opportunity to advertise their jobs in ghana by showcasing their partner job websites in ghana.


Most people know Ghanaweb as a news feeding website, but they do more than that. Ghanaweb business directory is totally free and fair. Since they are recognized as one of the popular Ghanaian sites, then there is a high chance your business could attract customers and investors, provided you try them.


This is a popular Ghanaian news portal, but at the same time, a business directory. Their website has essential features that you can rely on to make a name for your business. They have business directories for books and websites. More importantly, their backlinking features would supplement the SEOs on your business website.


Ghanayello is a Ghanaian business directory that drives traffic to business websites, increases social media presence and and web visibility of the partners that list with them. Ghanayello.com has categories on automotives, doctors, real estate, shopping, restaurants hotels and even more.


This is a free business listing website in Ghana. GhanaBusinessWeb.com allow you to add your business, search businesses and make updates on payment option, working hours, contacts, etc. They do well in popular categories such as hotels and guest houses, computers and accessories, Financial services, education, health, etc.


Ghanadirectory.net is a business directory that contains thousands of registered Ghanaian businesses and their contact information. You can hook up to any Ghanaian business by searching on their site.  An advertising platform has been included on the site for customers to sell or promote whatever services they offer.


BusinessGhana.com is a popular  directory that promotes Ghanaian businesses in different categories namely, Agriculture, Automobiles, Clothing and Textiles, Electrical and Electronics, etc. The website also features news updates, job offerings, real estate, classifieds, and many awesome services. List your business, sell your products and miss no essential Ghanaian news headlines.


Yellow Pages directory has become a key part of Ghanaian web pages with listing service. Their primary feature is a business search and advertising platform. Small and big businesses in Ghanaian in most Ghanaian cities could be accessed on their site.


AccraExpat.com directory connects expatriates by showing visitors where to eat, where to sleep and list of service providers in Ghana. By patronizing this site, foreigners can feel at home and live a full life rich in information, pleasure, and luxury.

Yellow Pages of Africa

Browse through the Yellow Pages of Africa directory; it hosts over 150k company listings on Agriculture, Automobiles, Financial Organizations (Banks), Building and Construction and a lot more. List your business with them for free and get discovered on the internet.


It can be very expensive to live in ignorance, especially if you are a business owner. The aforementioned Ghana Business Directory list act as gateways between companies and their clients. The above top 10 Ghana Business Listing Websites can make your business gain grounds.

Top 10 Business Directories in Nigeria

If you own a business, the next thing you want to do is to grow its online presence. The internet is a global village; it’s also powerful tool for businesses startups who are yearning to break boundaries and discover more customers. A lot of businesses rose from humble beginnings and soared to greater heights through business directories in Nigeria. If you want to build your business into bigger brand, then here are top 10 business directories in Nigeria to consider listing.

Africa Business File

AfricaBusinessFile.com is the best online business directory in Africa. Africa Business File is all about offering genuine business listing opportunities to African businesses by giving customers the best user experience in a user-friendly online environment. With this tool, companies can reach greater milestones in their sales and profits.

Google My Business

Some business directories may charge you a listing fee, but fortunately, the Google My Business directory accepts listings for free. Meanwhile, the directory is offered by the reputable internet giant Google Inc.
Business owners can list and update their business profiles, create websites, and interact with customers online. This pool of essential information helps customers to easily discover a listed business when they perform Google searches.

Facebook Business Page

Facebook is a powerful tool today. But there is more to it than sending and receiving friend requests. Facebook Pages offer free business profiles for all active users of the platform. All you have to do is to create a Facebook page for your business brand and then pay some amount for promotion.

Business List

Business List has a large database of Nigerian Business profiles that are accessible by search queries. The good news is that — listing is free and fair. But the platform is well-developed to come catch visitors attention. Obviously, your business can climb ladders with this directory.

Connect Nigeria

Connect Nigeria is revolutionizing Nigerian Business directories in unprecedented ways. The directory has simplified online access to Nigerian businesses from A to Z.  Whether you are looking for a place to dine or wine, Connect Nigeria shows you the way. Listing your business here is a giant step for your business in 2020 and beyond.

VConnect Nigeria

VConnect Nigeria is another right place to market your business in Nigeria and earn higher revenues. There is a big difference in their directory offer. This can be seen in the fact that VConnect actually has a list of available professionals for hiring. Examples include cleaning, installation and repair services.

DealDey Nigeria

DealDey Nigeria is a publicity storehouse for businesses that are looking forward to being discovered online. This directory also doubles as a reputable Nigerian e-commerce website. The main aim of DealDey is to support local business brands to find their customers by offering them good deals.

Ngex Business Directory

Ngex is a Nigerian business directory that assist companies to transact businesses with potential customers based in Nigeria and the diaspora. The Ngex directory presents a convenient platform for users to interact with listed companies. In all, sales and online growth can be increased significantly.

NG Contacts

Browse through an endless list of Nigerian business profiles — all on ngcontacts.com. This directory has the contact details of all the executive officers of the listed companies.
Nigerian businesses often use this directory as a marketing tool to sell themselves online.


Confirmed.ng provides a directory for top business forms in Abuja, Nigeria. The directory also offers professional advice on the best places to eat or visit in Nigeria. Service providers who are looking to thrive in Abuja can list here for free.


Owning a business is only one step of an entrepreneurial long journey; promoting it is another half of the equation. The online directories above are all ready to assist your business to boom online when you list with them.

Top 10 Business Directories in Gambia

Assuming you own a couple of businesses in West Africa, the future of your businesses may lie in the hands of Gambian business directories. As you work towards achieving your new year resolutions, you shouldn’t leave out your business development. Founders and CEOs must be up to their tasks.
One way of starting 2020 with a bang is to consider listing your company with a business directory. This would draw you closer to unimaginable opportunities that are locked up on the web. Without customers and online presence, a business would lag behind the competitive corporate world.  Here are the top 10 business directories in the Gambia.

Africa Business File

On AfricaBusinessFile.com directory, new opportunities are always within the grasps of startups and prominent African business owners who have a high need for online publicity. Being the best online business directory in Africa, Africa Business File permits free business listings on their reputable website. The professionally-designed website is super easy to use. List your company on Gambia business directory to increase the online presence of your business.

Global Database

It’s an up-to-date online business directory in the Gambia, with over 2400 listed companies.  Looking up company profiles has been simplified by the Global Database business directory. For emailing marketing purposes, information can easily be gathered from this website and used efficiently. With leads covering virtually all major industries, this Gambian business directory is surely worth your listing decision if you want to stay ahead of competitors.

Gambia Seek

The Gambia Seek business directory contains an alphabetical list of numerous listed companies from different categories. On its home page, the website displays a list of the most searched for companies, giving customers firsthand ideas about reputable business brands in Gambia. On top of that, users can search company profiles by name, category, and services or products.

Access Gambia

Access Gambia is another popular Gambian business directory. On this directory, one can discover useful information on Gambian businesses, jobs, foods, maps, music, and many other details. Interestingly, Access Gambia is another place to learn about the history and beautiful culture of the Gambian nation. It’s up to you to decide whatever information you want to access from Access Gambia; what you ask is what you get.

Gambia Trade Information

The Gambian information ministry wants business and trade information to be accessed with ease. As part of the ministerial services, the Gambian government developed the Trade Information portal to serve as a reliable database for trade information and business resources. The Trade Information directory contains the company profiles of Gambian importers, exporters, and foreign companies. Since this directory service is offered by the government, it is a credible platform for business listings.


The Expat business directory in Gambia allows business owners to add their profiles to the directory. Users can also search for companies, professionals and other organizational bodies that offer services/products to expatriates in the country.


Connect2India facilitates easy transaction of businesses between India and other nations worldwide, including Gambia. Their mission is to bring simplicity and safety to all India’s trading partners who are either exporting or importing goods. Connect2India’s Gambian business directory details the lists of Gambian companies. A listing on this global business directory is sure to deliver fortunes to Gambian businesses.

Africa-Business Directory

It’s one of the largest B2B portals in Africa that is bridging the wide gap between buyers and sellers. The Africa-Business Directory allows you to add your business, browse companies under different categories such as Agriculture, Apparel and Fashion, Electronics and Electrical, Automobile Parts, etc.  Listing your business here is a giant step to reaching global audience and achieving your entrepreneurial visions.

Business Yellow Pages

The Business Yellow Pages directory hosts top-rated Gambian businesses and their addresses, contacts, and main product descriptions. Hottest-selling Gambian products can be found on the directory. List your Gambian business on Business Yellow Pages and unlock new potential customers.

Google My Business

Google My Business is a free online directory from Google. Businesses can register their profiles on the platform and attract customers. Companies who sign up for this service easily rank high in Google searches. You can add a website, update business opening hours and engage with customers through messaging.


In West Africa, the Gambia is a nice place to do business. But in order to speed up the process of getting your business to be noticed online, you must try hard to list it on the above Gambian business directories.

Top 10 Business Listing Websites in Ethiopia

According to famed scientist Isaac Newton,  one can only see far by standing on the shoulders of giants. Similarly, in the business world,  smaller and large scale businesses can rise higher by joining a business directory to increase the business’ online presence. Directories offer listing services to companies who are looking forward to connecting with larger customers and establish strong online footprints. If your company is found in Eastern Africa, then here are the top 10 business listing websites in Ethiopia for your kind consideration.

Africa Business File

It’s the number one business directory in Africa. AfricaBusinessFile opens doors for users to search and list their businesses for free, bringing companies closer to high-paying clients and boosting their online reputation. The directory also provides job search resources in Africa.


AfricaBiz is a directory for African business listings and company reviews. The platform allows African businesses to submit their business names, category, address, phone number, website, and descriptions — at no cost.  Profiles of the listed companies can be accessed by performing a search query on the platform.


EtYellowPages is dubbed the number 1 business directory in Ethiopia. Apart from being an online business listing website, EtYellowPages also provides a conducive platform for local enterprises to easily find customers and connect with manufacturers and suppliers. Ethiopian companies patronize the digital advertising and email marketing services of EtYellowPages to gain more online audience.

Ethiopia Market

Ethiopia Market is actually a business directory. The website allows visitors to find the top-rated Ethiopian businesses in and around Addis Ababa; ranging from importers & exporters, engineers, logistics, and many more categories.


Ethyp welcomes Ethiopian business owners to a whole new world of business listing opportunities. By using this website as an online business marketing tool, companies can climb new heights in their operations. Ethyp provides an informative insight into new and updated company profiles. Add your Ethiopian business in this directory and get discovered in Africa.

Ethio Visit

Ethio Visit is a business directory based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The directory keeps the list of registered Ethiopian businesses in Addis Ababa. It features popular categories such as Automotive and Car Services, Building and Construction, Education, Entertainment, Travel and Tourism, Real Estate and the like.


AddisBiz.com is an Ethiopian businesse portal that contains credible information on the companies and businesses in Ethiopia. The website also has a blog and news channel about current issues in Ethiopia. Users can browse the directory for business information while reading useful trending topics.

Ezega Business Guide

This Ethiopian business-listing website carries a database of the country’s business profiles under diverse categories. Established in 2007, Ezega Business Guide is the largest and most well-known business portal in Ethiopia. Popular categories in the portal are News, Jobs, Classifieds, Real Estate, etc.


Afrikta.com is a home of Ethiopian business listings located within the country’s capital, Addis Ababa and its environs. Afrikta is one of the best Ethiopian platforms for researchers looking for reliable companies across the region. Afrikta gives chances to both large, and small-scale enterprises to turn around their online visibility.

Google My Business

Google My Business is a free online business directory offered  by Google. The service is available world-wide, including Ethiopia. Irrespective of your business size, it has a potential to be found in web searches when it’s listed here.  Users can also build a small website with Google My Business.


Ethiopia is a beautiful place to start and grow your business. Listing your Ethiopian business on the above directories can immediately bring a positive surge in the amount of online traffic you gain per month. New visitors can then be converted into great customers.

Top 10 Business Directories in Liberia

Annually, numerous companies spring up in Liberia, West Africa. It’s always a good thing to found a business. However, the problem is that — a business cannot thrive in Africa (or any other part of the world) without having a large customer base. For that matter,  Liberian business directories come in handy to play a promotion role in ushering companies to hit the limelight.
In today’s digital age, successful businesses are those who are noticeable on online platforms such as business directories in Liberia. For your information, here are the top 10 Business directories in Liberia.

Africa Business File

AfricaBusinessFile.com distinguishes itself as a reliable African business directory that has much to offer to the good people of Africa and the world at large. The directory does this by accepting free listings, premium listings, advertising jobs, and opening many more business opportunities. List with Africa Business File if you are on a mission to go global with your business.

Business Lib

On this Liberian business directory, you can get guidance to visit places, explore new businesses, create a business page, add your business, browse Liberian company profiles, find jobs, etc. BusinessLib.com is the place to be if you are serious about making a mark in your online image. An icing on the cake is — 100% free listing is guaranteed.


Expat extends its business directory to Liberia; because they believe in the business opportunities that prevail in the country. List with the Expat Liberian business directory and discover the joys and rewards in serving expatriates. Expat welcomes you with open arms to meet and interact with other organizations and professionals offering numerous services/products. Your business stands to gain recognition if it finds a place in this directory.

Express Business Directory

Express Business Directory in Liberia allows business owners to design their own future by listing for free and choosing their own keywords. Perform local searches and get found by search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo; all on this directory.


Yenino.com hosts thousands of Liberian business profiles. In fact, It’s described as one of the leading business directories in Liberia that can be signed up for free. Hop over to the Yenino business directory and search for diverse categories of businesses in Monrovia and other localities.


This business directory saves a list of Liberian companies on their website. The elongated company lists is refined under popular categories such as Agriculture, Hardware and Software, Construction and Real Estate — just to name a few. Visit the List Company business directory and see their amazing offers.

Lib Search

Whether you are looking for cars to rent or buy, restaurants to refresh yourself, or even a job; LibSearch.Biz business directory gets you fully covered in Liberia. The extra news is — you can also list your own things on their website. What else are you looking for?  Go get it on this Liberian business directory.

Liberia Local Business Directory

Localpx.com  ensures that consumers don’t get stranded about where to pick up retail products in Liberia. On the hand, retailers are also allowed to list and advertise their businesses on the platform. The Localpx.com business directory has detailed and properly categorized information for your perusal. Use this tool as a search engine and let your business rule the internet.


Register your business on Friday.net at no cost, discover new and vibrant businesses in Monrovia and delve further into more categories. The Fryday.net Liberian directory takes users through Monrovia business environments. Visit the directory and browse through millions of local companies, all at a go.


Africa is a great continent with big businesses. But sadly, most of these African businesses are struggling to rise above their local regions. The Africa-Business-Directory brings online hope to African businesses (including Liberia) by offering free listings. Founders can grab this opportunity to drive their businesses towards higher web traffic.


Many prominent companies can be found on the above Liberian business listing websites in Liberia. If you are a researcher or a business owner, nothing should hold back from exploring what is offered on these platforms. Finally, you must realize that, after health, information is wealth.